Julien Lavigne du Cadet

Julien has 15+ years of experience in software development. He is leading a team of ~20 people in a fast-paced environment, building a data platform handling billions of events per day in real-time and batch. Experienced agilist, he led several teams through an agile transition over the years and has always been focusing on values and principles over frameworks. He has seen first hand the impact of these transitions over a multi-year period.

His current team learned flexibility the hard way by being constantly faced with tough decisions on priorities due to the very high number of stakeholders they are working with. They have embraced this challenge and have developed a real taste for experimentation, coming up with new ways to organise their system of work.

NewCrafts Paris 2019

Continuous reteaming: adopt self-selection and start moving people to the work!

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What if your engineering teams didn't have to be static? What if you could form them, disband them or adapt their composition every 3 months? And people could pick what they work on?

Is it a recipe for disaster? Or would it give you the flexibility to work on what has the highest business impact, increase engagement and develop your future leaders? What are the tradeoffs? How do you balance short term impact with long term ownership and platform stability?

In this talk, I'll tell you how I initially led a team of ~20 people from a static structure to something a lot more dynamic where reteaming happens quarterly, and how we are now scaling those practices to 60 people. I'll share with you: - How we plan our quarters and let people pick what they work on - How we create constraints to make sure the important work gets done while developing knowledge sharing - How we use OKRs to create alignment and track progress - How we keep in sync and engage with our stakeholders - How lead time is decreasing as a result

I'll also share details on our journey: our mistakes, our learnings, what we still struggle with 1 year later and why we think this is strongly aligned with Agile core values!

Room: Kare - Time: 5/17/2019 11:30:00 AM

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