Anna Savarin

Engineer, recent XP convert, flying trapeze enthusiast. Currently part of a distributed mob team, building a large application on top of a private blockchain.

NewCrafts Paris 2019

Non-Euclidean Software Delivery

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After some project experience, you would think software development is about feature branches and pull requests, sprints, deadlines and tardy code, brittleness and tech debt, JIRA and PMs, heroic teammates, and stress. It has to be that way as these are all byproducts of some hidden axioms.

Welcome to my new world where axioms are reversed and parallel lines cross! Ever since I joined my mob team and started practicing Extreme Programming, I have been slowly tossing out of the window everything I know so far about software delivery. Fresh, newcomer perspective is short-lived and high-value, and I would like to share my amazement at this non-Euclidean way of delivering software, before it becomes the new norm for me.

Room: Hopper - Time: 5/16/2019 2:00:00 PM

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NewCrafts 2017

Accidental Bad Guys: Systemic Problems at Scale

  • Talk
  • Design/Architecture

Do you know what happens when you add hundreds of nodes to your monster Hadoop cluster? Neither did I, until I embarked on my DevOps journey. Whether related to the NameNode, an external provider, or an internal dependency, the issues that arise can be surprisingly disruptive.

Let's take a look at some (shameful) operational incidents, in a massively distributed environment, with one common theme: the attacker is not who you think. Local mirrors, network and application throttling, more pessimistic network configurations, avoiding cascading effects -- even paying attention! -- can prevent pissing off lots of people in your building and on the internet. Whether you are more Dev than Ops, and no matter the size of your operation, you will find that scaling up linearly can bring exponential trouble.

Find out why every character in this story got angry at some point, and what everyone learned in the end.

Room: Lovelace - Time: 5/18/2017 2:00:00 PM

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