Marco Heimeshoff

Marco Heimeshoff is a trainer, speaker and software developer from germany. He organizes KanDDDinsky, a conference about Domain-Driven Design and the art of business software and founded the german DDD community in 2013. Between consulting companies around the globe and his day job in building health care software you'll find him speaking at conferences about DDD, socio-technical systems and first principles. Marco Heimeshoff won't leave any stone unturned once you lend him an ear and sticky notes. He believes that life long learning, focus on language and empathy are the three pillars of quality development. With over a decade of experience he is helping teams to change and learn in all things from code to culture and to master Domain-Driven Design, agile softwaredevelopment, functional programming and CQRS with event sourcing.

NewCrafts Paris 2019

Domain Driven UI

  • Talk
  • ddd
  • design
  • agile

In this talk we are going to explore a bit of history of programming languages, trying to understand where the "language" motto comes from, and then move on to explore the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis to see what it means for natural languages, and try to understand if it applies–or not–to programming languages.

Room: Hopper - Time: 5/17/2019 10:30:00 AM

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