Tomasz Jaskula

Tomasz is a software craftsman, founder and organiser of Paris user groups for F# and Domain Driven Design. He's mainly focused on creating software delivering true business value which aligns with the business strategic initiatives and bears solutions with clearly identifiable competitive advantage.

Tomasz worked for many companies in SIRH, e-commerce, insurance and financial fields and he has a great experience in solving their real problems for more than 16 years. He's currently working in the financial field on CQRS and Event Sourced systems. Personally, Tomasz is interested in Domain Driven Design, functional programming and playing loud music on his guitar.

NewCrafts 2018

Is our code liberated from the imperative style of Von Neumann?

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40 years have passed since John Backus’ paper reading in 1977 at Turing Award “Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style? A Functional Style and Its Algebra of Programs”. A visionary article well ahead of its time. John Backus pinpoints a fundamental problem of thought in programming at his time. He criticize the collective thinking in programming dominated by the imperative style of Von Neumann.

Is this point still valid 40 years later?

In this talk I’ll try to answer this question looking at different code samples from OO and functional languages. I’ll show you that even if the mainstream paradigm has changed we are still locked up in imperative style of Von Neumann from 50ies.


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