Olivier Philippot

Olivier is the CTO of Greenspector, a tool-suite solution for software efficiency and ecodesign.

He contribute to several actions in the Green Coding. He is the writer of “Green Pattern”. He is also the co-organisator of the “Green Code Lab Challenge” and the creator of “Web Energy Archive”.

He like technologies but especially how to optimize it. Green Coding is not greenwashing but a real way to think and code.

NewCrafts 2018

How to be an ethical and green developer?

  • Lightning talk
  • Developer's life

Dilemma between the technological race and my impact on society.

Software is eating the world. Or Devour ? It is clear that the software has a real impact on the world. We, developers are the architects of the virtual world at the service of the real world. Our actions have a real effects. Good but also harmful. Social exclusion, environmental impact, obsolescence are very real effects of our software. But we have the choice in front of the demands of our users and customers and the associated constraints (planning, security ...) And yes, it is the choice that is made by many companies and developers: volunteering as code for America, eco-design of software ... Being ethical developer and green is possible, we will concretely see how to do this to day by day

Room: Backus - Time: 5/17/2018 1:45:00 PM


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