S├ębastien Fauvel

I'm a developer for a long time now. I'm continuously question the way we build application to be efficient. Extreme Programming, Craftsmanship and Agility are the base of my approach from more than 15 years. Test automation, code quality are my specialty. I also like to explain technical concept for a wide audience. I've created some Serious Game for that: lego4devops, caTesTdrale, pair rebus.

NewCrafts 2018

Continuous Mob Programming Dojo

  • Hands-on
  • Practices

We propose you to participate to an experimentation.

First, it look like a standard coding dojo with a mob programming format. Only one computer, a problem to solve and a developer team to code. The goal of the dojo is to share knowlegde and learn new thinks. The key point is to focus on the way we build the solution and not on what we produce.

The specific format we propose is to make a long mob programming (during all the conference). The team starting the exercise will not be the one that finish it. Developers will join and leave the mob all along the day. They will stay the time they want (not to much) and they can come back if they miss the mob.

The key point is to experiment what that change for the code, how we can integrate new people, how the information can be transmitted, ... We hope we can reproduce in a short time some commons problems about turn over, knowledge transmission and legacy and what we can learn about that. Maybe we will discover some interesting practices emerging, maybe not. Let's try to see.


NewCrafts 2016


  • Lab
  • DevOps
  • Fun

Come on and play Lego to bridge the gap between developers and ops! Lego4DevOps workshop aims to raise awareness on what devops really is. It really highlights things in a funny way. This is a complete non-technical workshop where everyone is welcome!

Room: Okult - Time: 5/12/2016 12:45:00 PM


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