Jean Laurent Morlhon

Software Engineer @ Docker working on docker desktop. I drink tests for breakfast, write java, coffee & go code.

NewCrafts 2016


Docker on Windows, why didn't we have that from the beginning.

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Installing docker on Windows is a simple matter, you still need to tame virtualbox, environment variables, %WinDir%/hosts and some certificates.

This was before docker for Mac and Windows, the docker desktop tools rewritten from scratch. Jump with us into the heart of this tools to catch why it is so complicated to provide a simple experience. Xhyve, Hyper-V, Fuse fs, LLMNR, mdns, Moby... The objective is simple, no matter what `docker runs and it works.

For Windows this experience is proudly serve by f#, c# and go.

Room: Orval - Time: 5/12/2016 11:45:00 AM