Jean Paliès

Java Developer for 12 years, Freelance. That is the regular work.

The rest is scratch, blockly, robots, devoxx4kids, coding snacks, cap on code, and diversity.

NewCrafts 2017


Code like a child

  • Hands-on
  • Languages

Do you know visual programming?

Scratch, Blockly, MBlock are some visual programming languages we use to teach kids how to code.

Kids can use them, so can adults!

IoT, REST calls, functionnal testing... what can we do with these languages? How are they built?

After an introduction to several visual programming tools, we will focus on Blockly and look under its hood. We will create our own blocks, and then build a visual DSL to generate functionnal tests, that non "coders" can code.

Room: Goldberg - Time: 5/18/2017 3:00:00 PM