Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr makes software to help others write software to help themselves build software. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri and works remotely for Atomist. Her adventures include advocating for functional programming and systems thinking at software conferences around the world, keeping two children alive (so far), and podcasting on Greater Than Code. Find her on twitter and Medium as @jessitron.

NewCrafts 2018

The Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming

  • Talk
  • Functional
  • Practices
  • Agile

There's a story to tell, about musicians, artists, philosophers, scientists, and then programmers.

There's a truth inside it that leads to a new view of work, that sees beauty in the painful complexity that is software development.

Starting from The Journal of the History of Ideas, Jessica traces the concept of an “invisible college” through music and art and science to programming. She finds the dark truth behind the 10x developer, a real definition of “Senior Developer” and a new name for our work and our teams.

Room: Djikstra - Time: 5/17/2018 10:45:00 AM


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