Jessica Kerr

Jessica Kerr makes software to help others write software to help themselves build software. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri and works remotely for Atomist. Her adventures include advocating for functional programming and systems thinking at software conferences around the world, keeping two children alive (so far), and podcasting on Greater Than Code. Find her on twitter and Medium as @jessitron.

NewCrafts 2018

Shaving the Golden Yak

  • talk
  • Functional
  • Practices
  • Agile

Programming is a series of frustrations. Everything we do, we could do better or faster if we only had our tools set up just so. If our error messages were a little better, our code a little cleaner, our tests a lot wider. How do you balance the work you’re supposed to be doing with the work that makes your work, work? Dive into the yak stack with me. We'll see five different species of yak, and discuss how and when to tackle each one. At the bottom of the yak stack, we might find the Golden Yak, with secret wisdom engraved on its skin.

This session will give you reasons to spend time smoothing your development experience, and clues for where to spend that time in ways that help your whole team.


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