Julien Jakubowski

I craft software at OCTO Technology. I love helping development teams and companies to get rid of non-quality. I'm leading Ch'ti JUG (Java User Group) and Agile Tour Lille.

NewCrafts 2016


Double loop TDD with Specflow

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Tests are your best assets to build your applications.
Using Behavior Driven Developement, your team find examples that describe the functionality your users want. With the right DSL and tooling, these examples become acceptance tests, a feedback at the functionnality level.

Test Driven Development guides the developer towards code that works, code that can easily and safely be changed using the quick, precise feedback of unit tests.

How do we mix these two flavors of tests into the developer workflow? One answer is to use many Red/Green/Refactor TDD to make an acceptance pass, and to continue until all your examples are handled. Big loops of acceptance tests made of fast TDD loops : this practice is known as Double Loop TDD.
During the session, you'll be practicing Double Loop TDD in a .NET environment, using Specflow and NUnit. You'll see how the two kind of tests articulates and how to harness their feedbacks.

Prerequisites : * Being acquainted with TDD * If you really want to get your hand dirty by yourself : Visual Studio 2015 with Specflow Extensions. * For others, we will use randori mode ;o)

Room: Brahma - Time: 5/12/2016 2:45:00 PM