Cyrille Martraire

Cyrille Martraire (@cyriux on Twitter) is a partner at Arolla (60 consultants), the founder of the Paris Software Craftsmanship community and a regular speaker in international conferences. With 15+ years of experience in startups, software vendors and banks, Cyrille still calls himself a developer. He's passionate about design in every aspect: TDD, BDD and in particular DDD. Cyrille also has an extensive knowledge of capital market finance developed at SG (twice), Engie, CACIB, Sungard and CME. He's also the author of the book Living Documentation on Leanpub.

NewCrafts 2016


Congruent Design, Salient Testing

  • lightening
  • Design
  • Architecture

Everyone has their own perspective on design, and I'm no exception. In this talk I will explore simple stuff explained in a complicated way, or the other way round, whichever is worse. For example I will talk about congruence as an essential quality of design, and salience as a life-saving approach for testing. Intimidating words indeed, but for real benefits!

Room: Brahma - Time: 5/13/2016 2:10:00 PM


Interviewing Domain Experts: Heuristics from the trenches

  • talk
  • Practices
  • DDD

Deep conversations with domain experts and careful attention to the language are central in software development and in particular in Domain-Driven Design (DDD). However it takes many years and many failures to get better at this game. Still, over time it is possible to extract a growing set of techniques and heuristics that can boost the effectiveness of the interviews with domain experts, to learn faster and converge quickly to better models. There are techniques and heuristics for asking better questions, listening carefully to words and other signals, and for managing credibility as a developer facing business experts. If you think all the above is important, then these interviewing techniques will improve your skills, step up the quality of your collaboration with your domain experts, and will provide benefits for better domain models. And if you find all that boring, then perhaps you could focus your career on Java EE instead.

Room: Orval - Time: 5/12/2016 2:45:00 PM