Arnaud Bailly

Developing software professionally since 1994, now CTO at Capital Match building a peer-to-peer lending platform in Haskell

NewCrafts 2016


Life Beyond Relation Database in Haskell

  • talk
  • Functional
  • Databases
  • Code

Relation databases are great... for querying. When it comes to writing/updating data they are not so great and can quickly become the main pain point of your architecture. This talk presents how we implemented Event Sourcing at Capital Match, using Haskell as our backend language and Clojurescript as our frontend language. We shall provide a balanced diet of theory on event sourcing and the benefits of choosing such an architecture, especially in functional programming language setting, mixed with practical insights on how we implemented and deployed it at Capital Match.

Room: Gallia - Time: 5/12/2016 10:45:00 AM