Ly-Jia Goldstein

Software Craftswoman @Arolla

NewCrafts 2017


Dev's Awakening

  • Lightning
  • Developer's life

It's a well known fact, developers are important because they're behind the software we use every day. Every company welcomes them with open arms, and shows great ingenuity in attracting them. Despite being seemingly at a position of power, developers do not seem to influence the ongoing digital revolution, and are content building what they're asked. However their creations have an undeniable impact on today's societies; where are the limits to their responsibilities?

We will see why developers should be aware of these responsibilities, why them more than anyone else, and how the application of the Software Craftsmanship values can help them to reach this goal.

Room: Goldberg - Time: 5/19/2017 2:00:00 PM