Kevlin Henney

Kevlin Henney is an independent consultant, speaker, writer and trainer. His development interests are in patterns, programming, practice and process. He has contributed to open- and closed-source development, has been a columnist for a number of magazines and sites and has been on far too many committees (it has been said that a committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled).

He is the co-author of A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing and On Patterns and Pattern Languages, two volumes in the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series, and the editor of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. He lives in Bristol and online.

NewCrafts 2018

Refactoring to Immutability

  • Talk
  • Design
  • Architecture

It has been said that immutability changes everything. But what does that mean in practice? What does it mean for existing code that looks more like the mutant apocalypse than an elegant application of mathematical thinking? Immutability can be an ideal that is hard to reach. Refactoring, on the other hand, is all about the art of the possible. In this talk we'll be clarifying motivation and exploring some approaches to help reducing state mutability in code.

Room: Keynote - Time: 5/18/2018 9:30:00 AM


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