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Public Media Kit

You'll find here all necessary banners to reference the conference

These are the practical things you need to know:

Sponsors, you have a dedicated section here.


Leader board

Link : http://ncrafts.io/medias/kit/Ncrafts2016-leaderboard.gif


Squared banner

Link : http://ncrafts.io/medias/kit/Ncrafts2016-ad-square-x300.gif

banner-square 300px

Full logo

Link : http://ncrafts.io/medias/kit/Ncrafts2016-Logo-big.png

big logo

Sponsors Kit

As a sponsor, you just have to download the prepared zip with all the necessary images for your communication!

Each kit contains the public banners above + the versions marked with your sponsorship category

Please click on the appropriate button to download your version.

Kit contents:

kit content details